About Us

Sundardulari CCI was established in 2071 B.S with a view to provide legal, financial and social support to local business firms, farmers, entrepreneurs and related parties. This organization has continuously strived to improvise the commercial environment within the area.

The business environment in Sundardulari is primarily focused on agriculture, farming and animal husbandry. Unfortunately, the area lacks proper agricultural infrastructures and facilities. Considering this, the CCI wants to revolutionize the agricultural sector of this locality by prioritizing the production of crops using modern technology,  establishment of hygienic slaughterhouses and cold stores and providing proper training to the farmers. Likewise, the area also has tourism potential and this CCI has been conducting some feasibility study in this facet.


Service Providing Areas

The CCI serves the local markets at Baliya, Dulari, Gachhiya, Gothgau, Salakpur, Biratchowk and Khorsane.


Major possibilities of production

A. Commercial afforestation
B. Animal husbandary and fishery
C. Textiles, home pipes and concrete structures
D. Furniture, upholsteries and plastic commodities
E. Industries related to tourism